Stain of Steel

Stain of Steel 

Guitars. Keyboards, Bass – Marco Berlenghini
Vocals – Marco Berlenghini, Flavio Stazi
Drums – Daniele Pomo

Written by Marco Berlenghini, Flavio Stazi, Stefano Marzioni
Arranged by [Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards] Marco Berlenghini
[Vocal arrangement] Flavio Stazi


Pressure on the bones
frame loads you down and squeals
– the air flickers, thickens, moves piecemeal, becomes barrier –
Metal clings are snakes kissing your neck,
canvas the wall, paintbrush your back.
– the deepest shadow draws the scene, paints it black and keeps it perfectly intact

The whole infection never fades
starts to reveal its black embrace to you.
There is no red claw
tearing up from pupils cobwebs
rising from the gloom.
Life is steel – not bending at your whim-.
floating on a sinless hex broth
rising from the gloom.

That day was dumb
it caught my calm when
I felt all thoughts
turned into stone when
I stared at my nightly monsters
slightly growing out of me.
I blinded myself to believe
there were still hideouts to reach.
I found a thread, it was a false guide
tying down to insanity

Let the structure flow,
calm down your chest and slide
See the dreadful step
degrading your disease
(Oh God, I fear he cannot hear at all…)


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