HYPNEROTOMACHIA is our first Studio Album, released on 1 November 2014 and distributed by the historical italian progressive rock label "BTF"

“The journey of a Human Being from the disgregation of the appearances of the contemporary society to the inner self”

“An invocation to a water-Nymph, a propitiatory dance and the journey starts with a huge stone labyrinth pushing you down. No one can save you from the motionless cruelty of a slow dying habit and from the tragedy of not being able to hug anyone else but yourself.

But something is happening above your head: two colors meet and create a rainbow and, during your sleep, the shadow of the rainbow shows you the way upstairs. And then mirrors, spasms, jumps, understanding, death, seeds and a flower singing you a song of lightness and freedom.


Produced by

Marco Berlenghini, Flavio Stazi


Marco Berlenghini (Poli-Instrumentalist)
Flavio Stazi (Voice)
Daniele Pomo (Drums)
Stefano Marzioni (Guitars on “Starslave” and “Resilient”)
Domenico Dante (Bass on “The Paper Ship” and “MU.S.E”)

Mixed by

Riccardo Romano

Mastered by

Fabrizio De Carolis at Reference Mastering Studios

Creative Inspirations & Visual Concept

Floriana Calise


Diego Zura Puntaroni

With thanks to

Alessandro Viani, Antonio Sarto, Stefano Marzioni, Daniele Cerioni, Domenico Dante, Stefano Massei, Andrea Biondi, Fabio Crognale, Alessio Rossetti … for having shared part of the journey with us. 

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